Installation and Ope
Pz73H/F/X/Y Manual K
Pz973X/F/H/Y Electri
Pz673X/F/H/Y Pneumat
PZ273X/F/H/Y Electro
Pz573X/F/H/Y Bevel G
Pzl73H/X/F/Y Chain W
Screw Square Gate
MZ75X/F/H/Y Manual K
PZ43X/F/H Flanged Lo

PZ273X/F/H/Y Electro-hydraulic Knife Gate Valve

This valve is opened and closed by the reciprocating push and pull of electro-hydraulic interacting device. If equipped with sensor or digital display device, it can be remote controlled, centralized or programmed controlled in high altitude or other dangerous occasions.


integration of mechanics, electrodynamics, hydraulics and instr-umentation to carry out on-site, centralized or automatic control.
Stepless adjustment, smooth running and little impact to adapt to high pressure conditions. Energy saving, with hydraulic transmi-ssion efficiency as high as 80%. Compact structure, small volume and no need of hydraulic pump station, free control and lockup of valve positions.


公称通径 DN 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
高度 H 370 460 590 780 950 980 1055


公称通径 DN 250 300 350 400 450 500 600
高度 H 1060 1230 1250 1767 1920 2010 2110

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