Installation and Ope
Pz73H/F/X/Y Manual K
Pz973X/F/H/Y Electri
Pz673X/F/H/Y Pneumat
PZ273X/F/H/Y Electro
Pz573X/F/H/Y Bevel G
Pzl73H/X/F/Y Chain W
Screw Square Gate
MZ75X/F/H/Y Manual K
PZ43X/F/H Flanged Lo

Installation and Operation Instructions of Knife Gate Valve and Slurry Valve


Possible Failures Possible Causes Solutions
Seal leakage Foreign substance
existing in sealing ring
Clean the sealing face.
Seal leakage Sealing ring damaged Replace the sealing ring
or grind the sealing face.
Upper seal leakage Upper seal packing
Fasten the bolt on packing
or gland.
Upper seal leakage Upper seal packing
out of work
Fill in oil or replace the
upper seal packing.
Flange end face Connecting bolt not
evenly fastened.
Fasten the flange conne-
cting bolt evenly.
Flange end face Flange gasket out
of work
Replace the flange gasket.
Valve open and
close blocked
Drive unit not lubricated Fill in lubrication oil to
valve drive unit.
Valve open and close
out of work
Drive unit damaged. Replace the drive unit or
have it repaired by a specialist.

Installation and Operation

1. Before installation, check whether the valve model can meet the service co-nditions.
2. For the soft seal like rubber or PTFE etc., check whether there is any foreignsubstance in valve cavity and sealing face. If any, have it cleaned.
3. Before installation, user shall take into consideration of the necessary space for the drive unit of valve.
4. The electric (electro-hydraulic) valve has already been commissioned before being delivered out of the factory. For the first time of use, to avoid false co-nnection, turn the valve to half opened with hand, and then, connect in power supply to carry out no-load test opening.
5. Pneumatic (hydraulic) valve shall be assured of enough pneumatic (hydraulic)pressure in the source of air supply.
6. Upon installation, all bolts shall be evenly fastened.
7. Upon installation, don’t  have sudden impact on valve or screw any parts on valve at random.
8. If the upper seal of valve is exposed, fill in sealing grease on a regular basis.
9. In the relatively dry area, if the drive unit of valve is spur gear, fill in lubrication oil on a regular basis.

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